End’s Casualwear Sale



With dress shoes being on sale at Brooks Brothers right now, good casualwear can be found at End. 20% off is given on all items with the discount code SPRING14. Some notables:

Common Projects sneakers: The low top Achilles, which I happen to be wearing right now, is one of the most versatile sneakers I’ve ever come across. There are many imitators, but frankly, none feel as good to me as the original CPs. The mid-top looks good too, and I still wish these b-ball highs were available in my size. 

Margiela German Army Trianers: My second favorite sneakers. Also surprisingly versatile, and they have a slightly sportier look than Common Projects. I have them in black and white.

Drake’s pocket squares: Currently priced at $42 with the discount, which is as low as they ever really go. 

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"I want you.
Right now.
Your lips on mine.
Your hands around my waist.
My lips on your neck.
My hands running through your hair.
Heavy breaths.
Deep stares.
I want you.
Right now.
In my bed.
Right next to me.
Holding me tight.
Talking about anything.
Gentle kisses in between thoughts.
Our tired eyes holding contact.
Slowly falling asleep."

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La Vera Sartoria Napoletana Orazio Luciano


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"Everyone’s able to cover a pair of shoes with colors and transparencies that can be easily found in a drugstore, that’s why we often see around footwear-including well known craftsmen’s- sold as "hand-colored shoes", made by hurriedly spreading random colors and shades on the surface of the shoes without any criteria and good taste. The producers emphasize that it is an entirely hand made product, which is virtually  true but… handmade by whom? This is the basic thing.
Alexander Nurulaeff is a professional painter with decades of experience in various painting techniques such as silk painting, oil on canvas, painting on leather. The materials he uses are absolutely the best blends of colors and transparencies  in the world. His Patina are not simple hand coloring: with Dandy Shoe Care every pair of shoes becomes a canvas on which the artist paints a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.
If you want to have a ‘work of art’ at your feet, pamper you with a Patina signed Dandy Shoe Care. Otherwise, you may have just one of the many rough and monotonous results created by improvised so-called artists.
Before you buy a pair of hand-painted shoes, always remember to ask by whom they were made.
If in doubt, take a photo and send it to Dandy Shoe Care; and he’ll help you figure out if it is really a Dandy Shoe Care item, or someone who tries in vain to imitate him.”
"Deep Red of Mr.M" by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care
Pezzo Unico for a gentleman from Germany: Mr.P.M.

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